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Below are some success stories of industry leaders implementing OIS solutions.

OIS Well Workover

One of the largest independent petroleum producers in Russia, leader among Russian small and medium independents. Customer’s core business is discovery, exploration and development of petroleum fields and license blocks in Eastern Siberia, including Irkutsk region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Krasnoyarsk region. The company is steadily expanding its exploration and production activities; it is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge solutions for production improvement, as well as developing HSE policies and practices.

Project goals:
Due to customer’s aggressive production expansion and drilling program, and considering frequency of workovers performed on most wells, customer required a solution for automated well workover planning and analysis.  Main goal of the project was to create an integrated information system for everyone involved in planning ,execution and analysis of well workover operations.

Solution: OIS Well Workover

The project was implemented within 10  months and brought significant economic benefits:
- Minimized manual data entry while  documenting well workovers and putting together reports;
- Transparency of workover operations thanks  to integration of different experts in one information space;
- Optimized paperwork and faster workover approvals thanks to integrated workflow system with control functions;
- Improved well workover monitoring thanks  to integration with control and measurement equipment;
- Minimized data loss risk;
- Unified reports;
- Online access to all workover-related  information. Having seen the fast effects of OIS Well  Workover implementation, the customer decided to build on this success and  approved the roadmap for further solution rollout and expansion in 2017-2019.

This  resulted in: 15-20%  reduction of crew downtime thanks to the  introduction of ordering system for timely  planning and booking workover equipment and spare parts requests, as well as  involving well workover service companies; Dramatic  speed-up in operational and analytical reporting (a few seconds  instead of days and hours). 

Customer quote:
”OIS Well Repair addressed our major challenge which was automation of workover planning taking into account numerous parameters and dependencies, gathering data from various sources. It made things much easier for our experts and eliminated duplicate information streams.
Head of Production Department
Deputy Chief Engineer

OIS Reserves

One of the world’s largest integrated public oil companies, responsible for more than 2% of global oil production and having about 1% of proven world hydrocarbon reserves. Company’s core business is petroleum exploration, production, and refining, as well as selling oil products. The first Russian vertically integrated company to have started evaluating its reserves according to international standards as early as in 1996, thus implementing corporate development strategy with an ultimate goal of trading its shares on global stock market.

Project goals:
The company evaluates its reserves according to international standards without involving  evaluation agencies, hence the need for a solution to store all complex information  required for reserves evaluation, intervention planning, and economic analysis.

Solution: OIS Reserves

Based on OIS Reserves, we helped the customer to develop a solution that allows to:
- build, store and access data packages of geological objects, including volumetrics, reserves dynamics, cumulative production, predicted and actual interventions, production decline and economic limit calculations;
- automatically generate standard reports for regions, companies, subsidiaries, fields, etc., including those built on corporate templates;
- verify and control data accuracy, including the entry stage.

OIS Hydrocarbon

Major oil exploration and production company

Project Goals:
The customer needed to improve control over upstream operation through automated collection, processing and storage of detailed production data and numerous technological and technical parameters that influence output.

Solution: OIS Hydrocarbon

By implementing OIS Hydrocarbon, the customer has fully automated production data processing.
- A single set of rules for production data collection is now used through customer’s information systems.
- Calculations and performance reports are put together according to corporate regulations. The company now runs a single production database with comprehensive data available to any level of management.
- Information is transparent and accessible.

Information on all active wells in being continuously updated. All calculations are based on a unified approach optimized for liquid hydrocarbon accounting. Having 360 degrees exhaustive data on all possible parameters and aspects that are influencing production allows to take very well-informed operations decisions about possible corrective actions that maximize the output.  

OIS Operations

A government agency; national leader in fuel and energy industry analytics. The agency accumulates information on each natural resources and energy company in the country, supplying its customers with a wide range of statistical and analytical materials in various formats (datasets, information panels, leaflets, magazines, etc.). On a 24/7 basis, it receives data feeds from more than 300 petroleum, coal, and electric power companies. Having compiled and processed this information, the agency supplies it to more than 500 customers.

Project Goals:
Commercial success of an analytical agency heavily depends on the quality of information that it is offering to the customers, as well as on the ability to supply detailed data on a regular basis.

The agency needed a new information system capable of better, faster and more flexible data collection and processing. The continuity issue was crucial, a slightest interruption in providing data to agency’s customers was no option.

Solution: OIS Operations

By implementing OIS Operations, a solution for online monitoring and reporting, the all the set project goals were achieved:
- enhanced analytical system functionality (flexible user-adjustable KPI toolbar, easy-to-use data modification system, etc.) was deployed
- optimized data structure implemented
- business continuity while migrating to the new system fully satisfied.

OIS Well Workover implementation at NIS

In January 2019, OIS Well Workover solution went live in Serbian oil operator NIS, in order to pursue the following goals:
- to automate and support well workover-related business processes at NIS a.d. NoviSad business units;
- to provide top management with reliable information re essential workover performance indicators;
- to accelerate operational decision making and improve decision quality;
- to standardize operational calculations and documents;
- to establish an integrated storage for workover-related data, optimizing document generation and eliminating double data entry at various workover stages;
- to integrate workover-related business processes.

The system is deployed over Company’s existing infrastructure in compliance with corporate security policies and remote application access regulations; it addresses the following operational issues:
- planning, registering and monitoring well workovers of any complexity (including strategic and operational crew schedules and logistics);
- designing step-by-step detailed schedules and documenting performance;
- recording changes in well design and equipment made during workovers (tripping tubing, rods, and downhole equipment, running additional casing strings and sections, etc.);
- accounting for crew downtime and NPT during workovers;
- documenting any cases of disapproval or failures to follow the designed workflow;
- accounting for equipment and materials used;
- managing and harmonizing electronic documents on planned and performed workovers (work orders, completion/acceptance certificates, workover plans)
- operational monitoring of workover operations in progress (sitreps and workover crew reports);
- automating supervisors’ work (supervision requests, reports, downtime control, etc.)

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